Finding an Energy Vitamin Supplement That Feeds Your Mind and Body

Finding an energy vitamin supplement that is safe and natural while being effective is very important to your overall health, especially as you slowly get older. Aging might just be the worst “disease” of all, but there are other reasons we need to guard against a loss of energy levels. colageno verisol

Stress from work and raising a family, often poor dietary habits, a society that often seems to have gone totally insane politically, the data overload of rapidly advancing technology that can interfere with our mental faculties–things like this not only can drag you down emotionally, they can literally sap your energy.

Finding an energy vitamin supplement that will really work potently will also help you stave off the sickness and disease that lays low your friends, family, and work colleagues. You should not assume that losing your energy is “natural” until you are truly in your very, very last days of a long life. You should demand that you have vitality right up to the end–and you can demand it, for you can help to make it possible with the right energy vitamin supplement.

But the problem is that people know about taking vitamin supplements, yet they don’t seem to be doing that much good for the vast majority of people. This fact makes some people cynical about taking them. It can even make doctors, of all people, tell their patients that taking vitamins is worthless!

The problem is not that vitamins are worthless–that’s insane. The problem is that people very, very often don’t take vitamins in such a way that they can interact synergistically with other vitamins and other nutrients–proteins/amino acids, herbs, minerals–and have their own effects and bodily absorption maximized. That’s like an athlete drinking tap water all day instead of drinking mineral water, vegetable juice, iced herbal tea, and sports energy drinks; he won’t be having his best performances that way.

So, to get back to my example of the disease of aging, what if you wanted to take an energy vitamin supplement that could keep away aging as long as possible–much longer than usual–and get you feeling energized all day long, all the time? You would have to find a supplement that was scientifically designed with just the right combination of the right vitamins, minerals, herbs, and amino acids. Do you take cough syrup for your headache? No; so why would you insist on popping some random vitamin capsules just because you’ve heard that this or that is supposedly good for you?

In fact, you should look for a vitamin supplement that is filled with perhaps 70 or 80 different ingredients–which have been carefully researched and are shown to react with each other to optimize your energy and keep you vital and sickness-free. These ingredients should include:

Amino acids
Anti-glycation agents
Calorie Restriction Mimetics
Trace elements
Methylation agents
Herbal extracts

You should also try to take a capsule that makes use of the technology of enteric coating–hard to find in vitamin supplements, but used for a while by the pharmaceuticals industry. This coating enables the full load of nutrients to be released in the intestine. Some nutrients in energy vitamin supplements are destroyed or damaged by stomach acid, but an enteric coating prevents this from happening.